I'm weird about photos...

Not in that I avoid photos taken of me (though there's a fair bit of that too), but I'm weird about taking photos. Take, for example, an event like Dragon*Con in which people commonly pose for people to take pictures. I feel weird about this. I actually look for opportunities to take pictures when people aren't posing so I don't feel like I am imposing or being weirdly voyeuristic. And yes, I absolutely realize that a picture taken unawares is much more voyeuristic than a picture for which someone poses. I can't explain the feeling, it's just strange to me.

So now there's this trip during which I should take hundreds of millions of photos and I really want to. I always tell myself I'll be taking tons of photos and I'll capture every angle and all the beauty and then I'm there and I'm really just not feeling it. Sometimes I'll break out the camera for a sort of, pity shot, like I really wanted to do the scenery or the architecture or the colorful people justice, but I lost my nerve, so this is the best I can do. It's lame.

Any suggestions on getting over this freakish approach to photography?

Re: I'm weird about photos...

Just RUN out into the middle of the square, get down on one knee, raise your camera and say things like, "Ooooohhh yeah! WORK IT! OWN IT! Show me whatcha got! YES, YES, YES! Aaaaand I'm SPENT!" Cuz...that's what I would do.