I was really hoping to write something inspiring and exciting and motivational, but it's late and I'm pretty tired. I meant to deploy all this much earlier in the evening, but I had trouble getting that to work and then I had more problems just registering my own account (and I really hope you all don't have the same issues) and then I found other issues and... well, it's all good now, right?

People have been asking me if I am excited. I assume about the trip and then I say "About what?" and they say "About the trip, silly goose!" (except no one really says "silly goose" anymore, I made that part up). I kind of shrug, "Sure, you know, I'm getting there...," but really, I've had so much on my mind these last few weeks that I've barely had time to think about what's coming up on this trip. Now that things are drawing closer, though, I have started to think about it and I am getting excited. A bit.

I saw the movie "Push" yesterday and it takes place in Hong Kong. Not even the fancy parts of Hong Kong, but the streets and crowded markets and apartments and restaurants. I recognize it all, but it's still so different. I'm sure to the people there it's their everyday ordinary lives, but I think of the smells and the sounds and the tastes and that giddy feeling of being somewhere completely away from where I am normally and I feel excited.

I have no clue what to expect from this journey through Europe, but I think from now on, when someone asks if I'm excited, I'm going to say "Hells yes!"
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I wish you a safe journey and an Amster-DAM good time! :) Seriously, you deserve this trip and I hope it adds some adventure and magic to your life!
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Thanks! I've always been looking forward to this, it was mustering "excitement" that was more difficult... Until now. I'm really excited now. Really.
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It's all about setting expectations at the proper level.

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I can't wait to see the pics bud. Bring lots of sd cards or what ever you use in your camera :)