Is it the bird?

Apparently, my normal life looks like a Poe novel. I guess I should be glad it doesn't look like a Lovecraft novel, though, it would be pretty frickin cool to see giant tentacles descending from a swirling bank of thunderclouds as lightning stabs down to scar the tormented landscape...

But you know, I've got the bird there, so that's cool...
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Re: Is it the bird?

Maybe you could still put the tentacles in there. You could make them drip corrosive acid ON the bird....or something...
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Re: Is it the bird?

But the poor bird! What did he ever do?

You know, except eat dead things. But they're already dead! So it's cool.
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Re: Is it the bird?

He's just sitting there, biding his time until he can start an outbreak of avian flu!